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Review # 1

"CashVamp was my first experience with a pro Domme and really my first in-person experience as a submissive. She was everything I had imagined and more for my first experience. I was super nervous and anxious at first but she was patient with me and just talked with me first. She helped calm my nerves before easing into our play session. However, once we got started I immediately felt myself get lost in her domination. After a couple spanks I could feel myself melt into her lap and start making noises I’ve never made before. She mixed in a perfect amount gentleness with her play. I would catch myself falling deeper into submission with every “good boy” comment. She does a wonderful job of taking control and leads you perfectly through each kink you want to explore. At the end she comforted me with some cuddling for aftercare. The best thing is really how much she cared for me in total. Throughout the whole session I felt like she was pushing my submissiveness but still making sure that I felt comfortable by checking in with me. She is someone that I will gladly be coming back again and again to let myself get lost in her domination."

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