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     An easy to follow form is included on this website with everything both you and I need in order to have a lovely visit together. I ask for booking to be completed no less than 24 hours in advance. This deadline includes screening and a deposit. Please plan accordingly.


     20% of a total session cost is asked for in advance, in order to lock in your booking. In case something absolutely bonkers occurs and I have to cancel, your deposit will be returned to you in full. If you cancel with me within 24 hours, the same cannot be said.  When I say yes to you, I say no to someone else.


     Where necessary, protection will be used. I ask for a safeword, as well as your limits, so I know where to press and where to yield. I will not play with someone who claims to have absolutely no limits. 


     I'll arrive dressed alternatively but stylishly, and appropriately for the meeting at hand. I aim to impress. I'll be freshly showered, and my fangs will be brushed. I ask that my company pay attention to the latter two of the list, and strongly consider matching me. 


     For my time I ask that the remainder of our balance be settled upon arrival. Cash is king, but if you'd rather send via my payment methods, this should be discussed in the booking form. If we're meeting in public make sure any cash is handed over in an envelope, giftbag, or a book. I have plenty of the latter listed in my Throne Wishlist.


     For all new companions of mine I ask for a copy of your ID with all but your full name and photo crossed out. In addition to this I ask for either an active social media (LinkedIn preferred) or a reference from a previous provider.

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